AUTOOL BT460 12V 24V Battery Meaurement Analyzer Heavy Duty Power Tester Car Diagnostic Scanner

AUTOOL BT460 12V 24V Battery Meaurement Analyzer Heavy Duty Power Tester Car Diagnostic Scanner


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AUTOOL BT460 Battery Tester adopts currently the world’s most advanced conductance testing technology.
It can measure the actual cold cranking amps capability of the vehicle starting battery, healthy state of the battery more easily, quickly and accurately.
It can read common fault of the vehicle cranking system and charging system, which can help maintenance personnel to find the problem quickly and accurately, thus to achieve quick vehicle repair.
1. Simple and easy to use
2. Test batteries on and off the vehicle
3. Accurate results in milliseconds
Compared to other tester, the test results of  Autool BT460 Battery tester are the same(tolerance ±15)  when testing at the same time
4. Battery Life Analysis
5. Analysis Result : Good or Replace
6. Large easy to read LCD display.
7. Test results based on JIS, EN, DIN, SAE and IEC Standards.
8. Vehicle cranking system test — cranking time, voltage and status.
9. Vehicle charging system test — load voltage, unloaded voltage, ripple status and charging system status.
BT460 is designed for 24V car specially. If you test 12V car only, BT360 would be more accurate.
Test Result: Good or Replace
Capacity – Cold Cranking Amps (CCA), DIN, EN and IEC information relative to battery rating.
Internal resistance value (m )
Life in percentage (%)
Cranking system
Charging system
Support multi-languages, included: 
English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese,French,German, Italian, Thai,Korean,Chinese, Japanese,Turkish.
1. Conductance correlates directly to the battery capacity
2. Passive testing method is safe.
3. Never discharges or drain the battery.
4. Able to test condition of discharged battery.
5. Consistent and repeatable results.
6. Provides unique indication of battery conditions.
7. Provides check the Alternator’s charging and Starter’s cranking conditions. It is maintenance free and no internal batteries required.
8. Powers up when connected to the battery posts during testing.
1. Test all automotive(include 12V cars and 24V heavy trucks) cranking lead acid battery, including ordinary lead acid battery, AGM flat plate battery, AGM spiral battery, and Gel battery, etc. 
2. Directly detect bad cell battery.
3. Polarity reverse connection protection, reverse connection will not damage the tester or affect the vehicle and battery.
4. Directly test the battery with loss of electricity, no need to full charge before testing.
5. Testing standards include currently the world’s majority of battery standards, CCA, JIS, DIN, IEC, EN, SAE, GB.
6. 4 Inch  large colorful TFT display, provide gentle and clear reading experience
Technical Parameters:
Measure Standard:     Measure Range:
CCA                   100-2400
JIS                   26A17–245H52
DIN                   100-2200
IEC                   100-2200
EN                    100-2400
SAE                   100-2400
GB                    30-220Ah
BCI                   100-2400
MCA                   100-2400
CA                    100-2400
Package Included:
1 X BT-460
1 X Battery Clamp Cable
1 X User Manual

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